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While taking photos using the flash, if the subject is nearby, it gets washed out and becomes completely white.

For such situations, most studios use diffusers and/or use a flash + visiting card combination, with the flash pointing towards the roof (or some other direction).

As my digital camera – Kodak DX 6490 – does not have a flash that turns, I have to use something else. Hence I decided to experiment with some paper diffusers.

Initially I tried making a diffuser with a paper napkin, but found that paper napkins are quite thin and allow a lot of light to pass through. Hence I tried folding the paper napkin to create thicker layers. Now I have a paper napkin diffuser that is folded some 10 or 20 times. Only then does a small amount of light pass through.

I also tried using a strip of paper from white laser printer paper. But that paper is too thick and does not allow any light to pass through.