Is it better to buy Samsung Tab 3 if a Samsung Tab 2 is available?

Not at all. If you have the option of buying the Samsung Tab 2, please buy that instead of the Samsung Tab 3. At least while the stocks last.

Why? Simply because the specificaitons of the Samsung Tab 2 P3110 and the Samsung Tab 3 P210 are exactly the same, expect for a 200MHz.

Both have the same size screen – 7 inches – with the same number of pixels – 1280×600.

The biggest down side of the Tab 3 is that it has 8GB on-board ROM instead of 16GB that is sported by the Tab 2.

I believe that Samsung has tried to latch on to the Tab 3 tag line with a Rs.17,000/- offering so as to catch many customers.

I also believe that they should have priced the Tab 3 P310 at Rs.17K instead of Rs.20K and the Tab 3 P3110 at Rs.20K instead of Rs.25K.