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On the road that I take to office – Andheri-Kurla road – one junction is pretty tricky. Usually, we take a right turn under the flyover bridge and cross the Western-Express (WE) highway. The tricky situation is the signal. The gap under the flyover is very large – around 50 meters – and there is a lot of traffic flowing on the WE road towards Bandra. When the WE traffic has the green signal, we have to wait under the flyover.

Most of the time these days, people seem to be in a lot of rush. Hence if there is no traffic or even less traffic on WE, people cross it. Additionally, when the WE signal turns red, it is advisable to wait for some time to allow traffic from to completely cross the 50 meter section.

Invariably, people at the Bandra end of the signal start crossing immediately once the signal turns red. Hence, a couple of vehicles on the WE section are ‘trapped’ with vehicles in front of them and behind them.

Today, a car immediately started crossing WE when the signal turned red. And a Mahindra Scorpio was rushing along the WE section. Right in front of the traffic cop, the Scorpio rammed into the car and bent the passenger door. Fortunately, no one was sitting next to the driver.

Why the big rush? Both from the Scorpio, who probably saw the signal turning red? And also from the car driver, who immediately scrambled when the other signal turned red?