I still remember that on my first trip to London with my brand new digital camera in 2005, I took around 180 photographs. It was an astounding number, considering I had a 35-mm film camera (point-and-shoot type) and was habituated to taking 36 pictures per film roll.

The 180 figure has stuck in my head as I clearly remember comparing that number with the film camera and finding that I had shot 6 films worth of photos – am impossible task if I had used a film camera. Why impossible? Simply because of the cost, of which I would have been reminded each time I needed to change the film roll.

A couple of days ago, I visited Pune for Ganesh festival. During the time of 1.5 days, I shot around 300 photos. Did I find so many subjects? In many cases, the subject was the same, but was shot from multiple angles and at multiple zoom levels.