Most of us who live in towns, cities and mega-cities love to see a lot of birds around us. And we wonder why so many scarecrows are put up in the fields when we visit the countryside.

While we are pleased to see a lot of birds, they are also very destructive – not that that is their intention. They are simply surviving.

My children and I like to plant seeds in a couple of pots that we have around the house. Nothing lavish, just one or two plants. Earlier, we used to have the mandatory Tulas / Tulsi plant. When that plant died to natural causes, we decided to plant something else. We planted a Curry Leaf / Kadhi Patta plant. For this one, we did not have seeds. We had a small plant that we moved into the pot. After a few days, I noticed that the top part of the tree was missing and was surprised. Difficult to believe, but seems like birds are the culprit.

Then we planted some groundnuts. When the plants grew to be around three to four inches tall, with nice green leaves, we were once again saddened to see the tops go missing each evening. Each time the plant grows some new shoots, we find them missing the next day.

The most likely reason is birds like crows, pigeons and sparrows are coming and eating the leaves and also breaking the stalks of the plants in the process. How can I be certain about the birds? Well, I have seen a few things in the pot – things like chicken bones, piece of bread and things like these that are typically eaten by crows.

So, farmers have a good reason to scare away the birds. For plants, not only will they eat the seeds, in some cases they will also destroy the plant itself, hitting the lively hood of the farmer.