Why is the Android platform so poor in terms of battery life? While the Android platform allows idle applications so that they can appear to be responsive in case they are launched, this adds to the woes of the platform, in that they continue to consume precious battery on a mobile device.

To add to the consumption is that fact that many applications seem to launch themselves (in the background or in idle mode) at periodic intervals. While I am note sure on the source, I have read somewhere that the Google AdMod platform launches these applications in the background in order to connect to the ad framework and cache some adverts that can be displayed as soon as the application comes alive.

Another cause of concern and drain on battery is application development – though Google does not have control on this behvaiour. Why do applications like ‘Hill Climb Racer’ install themselves as a service on the Android platform, when it is all but a simple game? Why does it wish to remain running at all time, against the wishes of the user?