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While tagging MP3 files, I have come across many tagging tools and players. One of the biggest tasks of tagging is to get the right information into the correct files and the correct tags. Having multiple files makes this task more difficult. If we edit tag information using GUI tools, it becomes difficult to apply the information and view it outside the GUI tool.

Hence I have written a couple of Java programs that extract tag information from mp3 files into a CSV and also update the information from a CSV file. I will publish the programs shortly.

For tagging, one of the tools that has proved to be invaluable is Winamp. When the mp3 revolution happened, Winamp was at the forefront, but somehow lost it by adding too many visualizations and skins. But now I have it to be very useful for the simple reason that it has an ‘Auto tag’ feature that allows us to look up information from the Internet and update files accordingly. For this, it refers the Gracenote database. Apparently, the Gracenote database is also the one referred to by iTunes. Aside from who refers to the database, this feature has saved me a lot of headache of adding tag information to files.