Late last year (Nov 2012), we visited Hyderabad for a vacation.

We visited the following

  1. Ramoji Film City – A very large place, having many film sets. It is nice to look at a few of them but things can get boring after some time. Some of the shows are interesting.
  2. Nagarjun Sagar Dam and the excavations – The lake is very large. Interesting to know that the valley that is now a lake had many Buddha carvings.
  3. Snow World – Decent setup, but the layer of snow on the ground is very less – it is onyl half and inch thick. Below it is solid ground. If you have a fall, you might be in trouble.
  4. Sri Sailam – Quite far away from Hyderabad city – almost a 6 to 8 hour drive.
  5. Charminar – Nice structure, mired in religious tensions. Hence may be cordoned off for visitors, depending on your luck.
  6. Nehru Zoological Park – Wonderful place. Many animals. Nice to see animals romaing around in open areas, instead of being inside small cages.
  7. Sudha Cars – Quite a place, with many models of cars – all of them working. Many shapes like hamburger, lipstick, train, football, tennis ball, and the like.
  8. Salarjung Museum – Wonderful collection, considering it was a private collection. While there are some wonderful pieces on exhibit, two of them are noteworthy – the wooden status with man in front and woman on the other side and marble statue of Rebecca.
  9. Golconda Fort – light and sound show – We did not get a chance to visit the fort during day time, something that I feel sad about. Instead, we went for a light and laser show in the evening, which was a total let down.
  10. Laser show at Loombini Park – Laser show at Loombini park, with water being used as the projection screen was very interesting.
  11. Birla Temple – Nice temple at the top of a hill.

When traveling through the city of Hyderabad, it was interesting to note a mix of structures. At many places, we get to see flyovers and wide roads, while at other places we see narrow roads. We see new buildings next to buildings that have some of their facades broken down – either for expansion or due to them being illegal.