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After inadvertently deleting all my music from the SD card (through the default Music Player application) on my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone, I realized that there might be a method to the madness. I remembered that I had deleted some music files using the AndroZip file manager application. Why is this information important? When a similar operation is performed through Astro file manager, you see a message in the status bar (at the top) – ‘Media scanning in progress’.

It seems AndroZip is not causing the media scanner to refresh, leading to the problem mentioned in the earlier post. While the Music Player depends on a media scan, the fact that it is not possible to perform a ‘refresh’ through the application is unforgivable.

Reaction – AndroZip uninstalled!!!

It seems even File Expert 3.1.0 is showing similar behaviour. On deleting files using File Expert, media scanner message is not displayed.

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