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It seems the Google Nexus 7 tablet will be available in India very soon. While some sites have news articles stating that the tablet is already available, there are also news articles stating that dealers have pulled this item from their sites. Only a visit to a shop will help confirm the availability.

Whenever the tablet does become available in India, it may be available at a price of Rs 20,000/-, which if true will be wonderful.

While the specs of the tablet are simply wonderful, it may not be the one I buy. Why? The reason is the absence of a microSD slot. Why is this crucial for me? One of the uses that I have thought of, for the tablet is that it becomes a simple photo viewer – this will address the family’s concern that photos are viewable only on the computer.

Now, if with the Nexus 7, I need to copy photos to it before viewing, it will become a cumbersome task. For a tablet with a microSD slot, I plan to keep multiple such cards at hand and store photos on them. To view photos a any time, simply pop the card into the tablet and instant (nearly) viewer.