One of the things I have noted as different in Windows 7 (work computer) and Windows XP (home computer) is the way the Windows Explorer behaves.

On Windows XP, when I have navigated inside a directory, the directory in the “Tree View” (left side) of Windows Explorer appears expanded. When I navigate to sub-directory, the whole sub-tree is expanded, giving me a clear view of the structure.

On Windows 7, this behaviour has changed – not sure right now if this is configurable. Now, when I navigate inside a directory or a sub-directory using the right-side pane, the left-side pane does not expand. Hence, even though I may be 3 directories deep inside on the right-side pane, the left-side pane continues to show that I am at the root.

This causes a lot of confusion due to the inconsistent picture beings shown. The navigation bar displays the full path to the directory. Similarly, the right-pane displays the contents of the directory we have navigated to. BUT, the left-pane continues to show the directory we started from. It does not expand to show the complete hierarchy.

If this behavior is configurable, I believe its default behaviour should have been the way it is in Windows XP.