While installing applications on the Android handset, I have noted that many applications create a directory for themselves on the SD card. As per convention, application data should be stored in ‘Android/data’ directory on the flash drive. As applications do not stick to the convention, the flash drive’s directory structure becomes polluted with many directories.

This reminds me of an incident from college. College computers (PCs) were shared resources and used to run out of space as many people had to store their data. Some people had to habit to copying each software into their own space on the hard disk. Even after moving software applications like Turbo C++ to a common directory (to save duplication), these characters will invariably make a copy of Turbo C++ in their own home directory.

During those days, a soft drink named 7 Up was aggressively advertising itself using a cartoon character named ‘Fido’. So we had a classmate who used to name his directory Fido-Dido and make copies of all software inside this directory. Even after moving directories into common areas, this guy used to insist on a copy for himself in his directory.