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Recently, Apple lost a case in the UK against Samsung, where the judge declared that Samsung was not infringing on Apple patents and also stated that Samsung devices were “not cool” as Apple’s devices.

The judge asked Apple to post an apology on it’s website stating that Samsung had not infringed on Apple’s patents.

Apple has done so – http://www.apple.com/uk/legal-judgement/. I was pointed to this article by Groklaw (http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20121026110208785). As Groklaw has pointed out correctly, I believe Apple is not adhering to the judge’s order. Apple has taken the liberty of putting it’s own twist on the public statement

On going the posting by Apple, it looks as if it has been written by a very stubborn child who refuses to believe that others may have an opinion and view that may not match the one it has and on being forced to make amends, holds its breath till the other party accepts the demands.