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Most systems provided to developers in IT service companies are bare-bones Windows installs. To even start working, the user has to raise a ton of install requests before she can start work.

Considering that most IT companies have Java projects, will it not be easier for develoeprs to ask for a ‘Java Development Desktop’ instead of a Windows vanilla OS? This will definitely reduce some of the work done by the users and the system administrators.

Which packages need to be included in a standard Java developer system?

  1. JDK (not JRE)
  2. Eclipse
  3. Notepad++
  4. Microsoft XMLNotepad 2007 – Available for free.
  5. SQL Developer – for connecting to Oracle databases. Available for free.
  6. WinMerge
  7. FileZilla – FTP access
  8. PuTTY
  9. mRemote or Poderosa
  10. Ant
  11. ArgoUML or StarUML or UMLet
  12. Gimp
  13. Oracle client
  14. Komposer – HTML editor
  15. SQLite
  16. Apache Tomcat
  17. Java libraries like JUnit, JUnitPerf, CheckStyle, PMD, FindBugs, Apache Commons