Public domain for works of art is very important. Most media corporations that are screaming murder due to the Internet, all this while having benefited from works that have been in the public domain.

Consider Disney. It does not want its characters to fall into public domain. So it works with governments to get the copyright laws modified to its advantage. If we look at the material on which Disney’s works have been built, we will note that most of the stories are based on stories available in the public domain – Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Robin Hood and many others.

The question to ask here is – has Disney paid a single penny/cent to the writers of the fairy tales that they are used to make movies?

Similarly, has Disney paid any money to Beethoven or his decendants to use Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in thier movies?

If Disney has benefited from works in the public domain, why should generations that follow not benefit from the work of Disney?