Mumbai, as most cities in India, has become a horrendous place to drive a car. Not only due to bad roads, but mostly due to bad drivers.

The older generation recalls with pride the traffic situation of Mumbai – Mumbi of 30 years ago – when there were few cars on the road.

I believe that partly because there were less cars on the road and also because not eveyone could afford a car, there were less problems.

These days, anyone can buy a car – which is a good thing – but that has allowed bad drivers to run on the road. These days, drivers believe that their horns are the mean of clearing the road ahead of them, even when the signal is red and they are the last person in the traffic when the signal turns green. Additionally, all drivers seem to be in an immense hurry to reach their destination, leading to them weaving from extereme left to extreme right and exterme left once again, in their quest to push ahead at all costs.