Bought Samsung Hero mobile for wife. Earlier, my wife had a Nokia X2, which was stolen. I noted that the main screen of the hero phone is a bit similar to the X2. Samsung also allows you to configure the main screen. By default, the main screen shows icons for quick access to SMS inbox, SMS composition, internet, music player and the like. The second line show the music player status. It shows the file being played/paused currently.

Looking at this design, we observe a lot o similarity with the Nokia X2. But there are differences. While presenting the main screen, there does not seem to be a way to configure what appears on the main screen, other than replacing this config by another one that shows only date and time. Due to familiarity, we finally reverted to the standard screen that displays only date and time.

Considering that Samsung is facing many cases from Apple regarding the copying of designs (though I have been skeptical about the merit of many cases), this observation seems to add to the view that Samsung is copying come if not all of the features provided by other phones.

Having said this, the way of presenting features can be functional rather than simply good design.