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In the biggest patent case in recent time – Apple Vs Samsung – in the US, Samsung has been found to be infringing on the patents of Apple, most of which are design patents. The surprising part is that Apple has been found not infringing.

While there is scope to argue that Samsung has infringed on the design patents, how is it that Apple is allowed to include Samsung patents (even if they are FRAND), without paying Samsung some royalty? And why does Apple not pay this royalty? It believes that the money being asked is too high and hence refuses to pay.

Hence Apple refuses to pay around $20 to $30 dollars that make the phone work as a phone, but expects Samsung to pay $40 for the design patents. Quite amazing.

Neither am I supporting Samsung in this case or am I deriding Apple. But it is very easy to take sides of the battle in such situations and applaud the efforts of one company and deride the others. We need to remember that neither of the companies is playing straight in this situation. Each company tries to get away with the maximum it can.

I admire the innovations that Apple and its teams has brought to the world of computing, but I also believe that we sometimes lead ourselves into believing that no one else but Apple could have invented this technology. Apple and Steve may be genius, but we need to remember that they are not the sole inventors in this world. The fact that works for them is the passion that they put in, to may things happen.