Two Personal Photo Projects



A few months ago, I wanted to start two big personal projects. One – that of converting film negatives into digital positives – using the DSLR and two – that of taking pictures of printed photographs to make digital copies.

Being the nephew of James Bond, I obviously cannot share the personal pictures, but will try and share the non-personal ones.

The project of converting negative to positive is challenging primarily due to lighting the negative.

The initial results of both projects are not very encouraging. I will continue and will hopefully improve and get better results.


Interesting Behaviour of Blue-Banded Bee


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Over the past few months, I observed a blue-banded bee. I have observed that once in a while, the bee rests on a branch / twig. What makes this behaviour interesting? the fact that it rests on the branch / twig using it’s jaws, while keeping it’s body floating in the air. While doing so, it rubs it’s feet together. After this, it continues to rest while holding on with it’s jaws. Including a few pictures.

The Effect of Vi


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Presently, I am using vi, the editor to write bash/Bash scripts as part of a Big Data pipeline implementation. This story is of a typical day.

After a whole day of file editing using vi, I decided to draft an email using Outlook. After the email was done, I by habit pressed the ‘Esc’ key. And then I remembered that I was not using vi!!! Fortunately for me, Outlook threw up a dialog box asking conformation. Immediately I pressed the ‘cancel’ button and breathed a sign of relief. Then I clicked the ‘send’ button to safely send the email on its way.

Sometimes muscle memory is more powerful than the mind.

Incorrect Translation



In India, given that we are a nation with multiple languages, many advertisements that are made either with English or Hindi voice-over / dialogues, are dubbed into other languages. I have noted that in many of the adverts, this job of translation is shoddy and seems like it has been done who do not know the target language.

Here is a recent example of an ice cream advert. The target language was Marathi. The advert shows a boy waiting for his friends, while holding a couple of ice cream cones in his hands. His friends meanwhile, are hiding behind a tree, expecting him to eat up the ice creams.

One of the friends who is hiding, says that we should go or the ice cream ‘virghalel’, which means ‘to dissolve’ in Marathi. The correct word to use is ‘vitalel’, which means ‘to melt’. When you look at it, ice cream does not dissolve by itself. It melts.

Such ads make me wonder if enough care has been taken while making them. The visuals are good, the audio track seems like a hack job.

For a change

Recently, I went for an overnight picnic with the extended family. As usual, I took many pictures. The number of pictures I took was more or less equal to the cumber I get over some weekends.

After going through the pictures, I realized that the most important difference was . . . the number of pictures that contained people, far surpassed the number of other pictures 🙂

Water trail . . . but no image


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Recently, I had to work from home due to rain in my city. My house is near the path of the runway. From the window, I could see aeroplanes coming in to land.

As it was raining, I observed an interesting phenomenon.

Each time a plane came in to land, two water trails were created from its wings. Initially I was intrigued, but on closer observation, I found that this was due to the flaps ( To create more surface area while landing and taking off, an aeroplane’s flaps are extended. Due to the rain, when extended, the flaps were creating a barrier for the water as the aeroplane was cutting through the rain, creating the water trails.

As I was in a meeting, I could not take a picture of the effect.

Saving space

Recently I was doing a few photo experiments using Raynox diopter and Movo extension tubes.

In total, I took 257 images (RAW + JPG). The total size when transferred to the computer was 6.33GB.

As I was doing a comparison of images at various mm ranges and as a combination of diopter + extension tube, I decided AGAINST processing the RAW images and deleted them instead.

How much disk space did I save? 5.29GB !! I was left with 1.04GB of JPG images. Now I will prune out the doubles.

File Management on Windows 3


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After moving the files from the sub-directories into one single directory (File Management on Windows –, I was left with many empty directories.

Initially I used Windows explorer to click on the directory and it it was empty, I deleted the directory.

Then I thought of an alternative. I selected multiple directories and checked their properties. If the number of files were listed as zero, all the directories were empty and I deleted them at one go.

File Management on Windows 2


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Recently, (File Management on Windows –, when I was wrote a scriptlet, I cam to know that Windows has a ‘move’ command. For all these years, I was under the impression that Windows only has ‘copy’, while Unix/Linux as ‘cp’ (for copy) and ‘mv’ (for move).


File Management on Windows



Recently I got a zip file that contained many folders and each folder contained many documents. I wanted to remove all the folders and move all the files into one directory. As I was using Windows, I did not want to use Windows Explorer to manually do this activity.

I looked up and found a scriptlet on StackOverflow

for /r "c:\source_directory\" %%x in (*.pdf) do move "%%x" "c:\target_directory\"

this moves all the files from the sub-directories into the target directory.