Lazy man’s method of RAW processing 1



Do not shoot RAW 😉


Personal big data problem



I am a collector of data.

Over the years I have collected images, articles, games, applications. With the passing of time, the data has grown very large.

Now I have a personal big data problem on my hands. Even the task of going through the data is a task by itself. Then comes the additional work of going through each item and deciding relevance.

Data growth


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I still remember when we started using computers with 640KB floppy drives. when 1.2MB floppy disks arrived, we were thrilled, to say the least!!!

Then I moved to a 20MB (!!! imagine that) computer where I had DOS, Windows 3, Turbo Pascal, Turbo C++, Windows SDK and MS Windows compiler and my own data. Oh! forgot to mention games like Test Drive, Prince of Persia, etc. And had some disk to spare.

Then moved to CDROMs with 640MB space followed by DVD with 4GB

Over time, moved to 80GB HDD, then a 160GB HDD, followed by 500GB HDDs. Now I am at the stage of 1TB HDDs and still feel space is not enough.

Greedy over time.

Shaking Hands


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Recently I had mounted the wide angle (18-55mm) lens on a 20mm + 12mm extension tube combination. I was taking close-ups of a few flowers when I noticed a spider on one of the flowers. As the spider was sitting on the underside of the flower, to get a picture, I had to twist the flower and hold it while taking a picture.

While doing so, I noted that holding the flower by hand was causing the flower to shake a lot. Attempting a macro shot with that much shaking was impossible. Idea dropped.

Yoda has learns to speak English


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I am a fan of the Star Wars series – even with all its flaws. The reason is simple. For the most part, the series which spans the galaxy and multiple plants has managed to include creatures of various types in its narrative; even though the main characters are humans.

One of the most popular characters in Star Wars is Yoda, who though being a Jedi Master, cannot speak English straight.

But after features in many of the episodes of Star Wars, it seems that Yoda has finally learnt to speak proper Enlgish. In the latest movie – The Last Jedi, which I watched over the weekend – Yoda actually speaks coherent English sentences instead of his standard inverted ones.

Now, that is learning!!! For a change, the master seems to have received an education from his padawans.


I usually categorize each of the posts on this blog. Recently, I noted that each of my posts is categorized as ‘uncategorized’. Interesting. Even those which I  have explicitly marked categories.

Then I realized that by default WordPress has the Uncategorized category selected and I had simply forgotten to unselect it before posting.

Side note: How can ‘uncategorized’ be a category?

Two Personal Photo Projects



A few months ago, I wanted to start two big personal projects. One – that of converting film negatives into digital positives – using the DSLR and two – that of taking pictures of printed photographs to make digital copies.

Being the nephew of James Bond, I obviously cannot share the personal pictures, but will try and share the non-personal ones.

The project of converting negative to positive is challenging primarily due to lighting the negative.

The initial results of both projects are not very encouraging. I will continue and will hopefully improve and get better results.